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Our aim is to provide fun and educational activities for people interested in beekeeping and related subjects. The Association has many features that help to provide a full bee keeping environment.


Because of our remote geographical location, being surrounded by sea, Australia is protected (up to a point) from many issues threatening bee populations in other countries. All of these diseases and pests will eventually reach Australia, so the more people involved in managing bee colonies, the greater the chance of their survival.

Bees are the major pollinator of plants in the world and without them there would be few plant crops unaffected.

It is said that should bees disappear, humanity would only last for 4 years or so. Of course, the better educated our beekeepers are, the better the chances for our bees.

Being a member of a club such as NSBKA, where there is a free flow of information on the latest and best techniques. It enhances your chance of having a lot of fun keeping bees with the added benefit of extracting honey.

Bees will thrive in almost any location with a sunny aspect and a clean water supply. A bee hive can be kept in as small a place as the balcony in a block of home units and through to  homes with large acreages. The smaller the site, the more careful you need to be in building and enhancing good neighbourly relations. A jar of honey may help.









Terrey Hills Apiary & Bee Garden


The North Shore Beekeepers Association is incorporated under the New South Wales Associations Incorporation Act 1984 and our objectives are:

  1. To increase the knowledge of bees and bee culture
  2. To improve the standing of beekeeping among beekeepers throughout New South Wales
  3. To assist in the study of subjects allied and relevant to apiculture
  4. To foster intelligent observation and good practical handling of bees
  5. To afford advice and assistance to beginners
  6. To arrange lectures, discussions, demonstrations and field days for the benefit of members
  7. To assist members in the acquisition of suitable apiculture literature and equipment by purchase or loan from the Association
  8. To seek out and assist people who are interested and qualified to carry out research work on bees and bee culture and to arrange for assistance in the recognition, control and treatment of diseases affecting bees
  9. To protect the honey and pollen flora of New South Wales and the interests of beekeeping
  10. To encourage the observance of the Apiaries Act and regulations

Our committee is comprised of volunteers who provide their time in the knowledge of these objectives and strive to make our beekeeping world a better place for ourselves and our bees. We more than welcome members to assist on the committee to help keep our local club a great club.

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