NSBKA Beekeeping Courses

NSBKA provides 2 very popular courses with plenty of discussion, presentations and hands on experiences opening bee hives at the Club facilities and apiary at Terrey Hills. Scroll down the page for more information and enrolment.


Our most popular beekeeping training course held by the North Shore Beekeeping Club is the “New Beekeepers” or “Beginners Course”. This course is a very interactive hands-on approach conducted over two full days, on consecutive weekends. It is designed to give you a full understanding of the role of the beekeeper. Held in Terrey Hills NSW, the courses are limited in size (maximum of 20 people). Each day includes hands on experience with opening several bee hives. Each course has two qualified instructors with lunch provided as well as morning and afternoon teas.

The course includes detailed notes as well as the DPI reference book and local knowledge. We especially cater for new beekeepers and families with a Flow Hive.

The Spring Management Course is aimed for the more experienced beekeeper (say 2-3 years) who wishes to gain a deeper knowledge on managing their bees coming out of winter and through the spring build up. Particular topics include swarm prevention, honey harvesting techniques and frame rotations. We also discuss swarm catching techniques and notes not available in the Beginner Courses. This course is offered once a year in August and is limited to 20 students per class. Your instructors for the day are the most experienced and knowledgeable members in the club so you are in good hands. This is a one-day course with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.


Beginners’ Beekeeping Course including Flow Hive

The course is designed to provide new or potential beekeepers (including those considering Flow Hives) with the necessary knowledge, confidence and practical skills to successfully manage their beehive. You gain confidence from having hands on experience and you will know the legal responsibilities required of a bee keeper before starting your first hive.

The Beginners’ Beekeeping Course is highly recommended before you start in bees. This course provides participants with the information they need to start beekeeping with confidence. It is specifically aiming at small recreational beekeeping and covers topics specific to keeping bees in the Sydney suburbs. No prior bee keeping knowledge or experience is required. Attending this course allows you to 5% discount at selected retailers and you will be able to obtain a bee swarm from the club.

This course is a must for anyone interested in purchasing bees or who has a flow hive. Depending on the weather we will open one or more of these hives and you will see them operating. In poor weather we may not be able to open and inspect a hive. If this occurs you will be given the opportunity to postpone this activity to another suitable day.

The Beginners’ course covers these topics:

– Introduction to beekeeping and Registration
– Safety around the bee hive and bee stings
– Personal protective gear
– Bio security and good bee keeping practices
– Locating the hive and re-locating your hive
– How and where to get the bees
– Bee hive management and pest controls
– Honey bees – castes, lifecycles, re-queening
– Catching a swarm

– Seasonal management
– Buying second hand hive equipment, frames, boxes, smoker & hive tools
– Buying your first bee hive – Langstroth 8 or 10 frame, or another hive type
– Up to 2 hours of hands on hive inspections
– Opening a hive and handling bees with confidence
– Flow®Hive – advantages
– Using essential equipment, smoker, hive tools, brush and queen markers
– Storing your equipment
– Record keeping

– On going support and mentoring
– Review and questions during the Course

The Course is run over two weekends (normally consecutive Saturdays 9am to 4:30pm) so that you have the chance to try out your newly acquired skills on your own (or a friends) beehive. The cost of the course is $395 which includes all handouts and resources. Included in the two-day course is a complimentary copy of the NSW DPI’s publication “Bee Agskills“ and a new hive tool. All lunches, morning and afternoon biscuits, tea or coffee and soft drinks are included.

If you have your own bee suit or jacket, please remember to bring it to the course. You will be dealing with live bees. The Club does have a limited number of jackets, hoods and veils for loan. Please make sure you wear long pants, gloves(optional) are recommended and a long sleeve cotton shirt. Closed footwear should be worn.


The spring management and swarm control course is a one-day course designed to provide beekeepers with the necessary knowledge, confidence and practical skills to successfully prevent swarming of their beehive during the spring build up and into the summer months.

You will gain confidence from understanding the activity in the hive and different ways to manage your bees. You will learn about the reasons behind the bee’s swarming behaviour and how to manage the bees. Un-managed bees do not thrive in suburban areas.

This course provides participants with confidence and is specifically aiming at recreational and backyard beekeeping. Basic beekeeping knowledge is assumed. The course is held only once each year and places are limited to max of 20 people.

The Spring Management and Swarm control course covers the following topics:

– Influence of weather
– Nectar and pollen supplies in winter and spring
– Expansion of egg laying by the queen
– Managiong for varroa and drones removal
– Early spring inspections
– Swarm prevention techniques
– Signs of preparation for swarming
– Types of queen cells
– Looking for diseases such as AFB

– Splitting your hive – successful techniques
– Artificial Swarming
– Catching a swarm
– Equipment to catch a swarm
– Avoiding problems with Neighbours
– Post swarming action how to stop secondary swarms
– Moving your hive
– Record keeping

This Course is run for one day only (normally Saturdays 9am to 4:30pm) in late August so you are prepared for the coming spring. The cost of the course is $165 which includes notes and handouts. Your lunch and morning and afternoon tea or coffee and soft drinks are included, so all you need to bring is your bee suit or jacket.

Note: This course is only run once per year and we encourage you to register your interest.


Want to increase your beekeeping knowledge and skills, this is a course which will impart beekeeping knowledge that has been gained from our experienced club members over many years. This builds on what has been learnt in the Beginners course and takes it to the next level.

This course is run depending on demand, register your interest below and we will be in touch when there is enough interest to hold a class.


This is a one-day course to teach and inform experienced beekeepers of the best methods for queen breeding (without grafting) to provide you with the knowledge to create 1 or as many queens as you wish. We discuss queen selection, drone mother hives, local genetics and much more. Lunch will be supplied. Bring your bee protective clothing and your enthusiasm to learn.

This course is run depending on demand, register your interest below and we will be in touch should there be a enough interest to hold a course.


Learn how to make mead like a Pro.

This course will show you exactly how to make your own mead at home, what equipment you will need and how to start on a great hobby of making your own mead.  You will receive a list of what equipment to purchase, where to purchase it and the recipe to start with as well as list of recommended books to read.

There will be some meads to sample so you can decide the path you wish to take depending on your desired taste and palette.

  • Introduction to Mead types & how to get started
  • Sterilisation & sanitation
  • Yeast strains
  • Temperature and ferment conditions
  • Racking & Filtering

This course is run depending on demand, register your interest below and we will be in touch should there be a enough interest to hold a class.


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