Beginners’ Beekeeping Course Apr/May 2024

When: Saturday, 27th Apr 2024, 9:00AM
Saturday, 4th May 2024, 4:30PM

Where:  Peninsular Firearm Academy, Terrey Hills NSW 2084, Australia

Presenters: Greg, Michelle or Michael from the NSBKA.  Beginners’ Course Outline

This course is for new beekeepers and it will give you a great start, including experience of handling active hives. This course also covers Flow Hive systems.

Cost is $395 per person. A light lunch will be supplied. The course starts at 9am and concludes at 4:30pm.

Course Description:


The course is designed to provide new or potential beekeepers (including those considering Flow Hives) with the necessary knowledge, confidence and practical skills to successfully manage their beehive. You gain confidence from having hands on experience and you will know the legal responsibilities required of a bee keeper before starting your first hive.

A Beginners’s Beekeeping Course is highly recommended before you start in bees. This course provides participants with the information they need to start beekeeping with confidence. It is specifically aiming at small scale hobby beekeeping and covers topics specific to urban bee keepers. No prior bee keeping knowledge or experience is required.

NSBKA has multiple Langstroth hives in the main apiary, a Warre hive and Flow®Hive in our teaching apiary. Depending on the weather we will open one or more of these hives and you will see them operating. In poor weather we may not be able to open and inspect a hive. If this occurs you will be given the opportunity to postpone this activity to another suitable day.

The Beginners’ course covers these topics:

– Introduction to beekeeping and Registration
– Safety around the bee hive and bee stings
– Personal protective gear
– Bio security and good bee keeping practices
– Legislation – locating the hive and re-locating your hive
– How and where to get the bees, NSBKA Swarm list
– Bee hive management and pest controls
– Honey bees – castes, lifecycles, re-queening
– Swarming and catching a swarm
– Buying second hand hive equipment, frames, boxes, smoker & hive tools
– Buying your first bee hive – Langstroth 8 or 10 frame, or another hive type
– Harvesting the honey and honey bee products – honeycomb, wax & mead
– Opening a hive and handling bees with confidence
– Flow®Hive
– Using essential equipment, smoker, hive tools, brush and queen markers
– Storing your equipment
– Record keeping
– Review and questions during the Course

The Course is run over two weekends (normally consecutive Saturdays 9am to 4:30pm) so that you have the chance to try out your newly acquired skills on your own (or a friends) beehive. The cost of the course is $395 which includes all handouts and resources. Included in the two day course is your personal complimentary copy of the NSW DPI’s publication Bee Agskills and a personalised NSBKA hive tool. All lunches, morning and afternoon biscuits, tea or coffee and soft drinks are included.

If you have your own bee suit or jacket, please remember to bring it to the course. You will be dealing with live bees. The Club does have a limited number of jackets, hoods and veils for loan. Please make sure you wear long pants, gloves(a good pair of washing up gloves is ideal) are recommended and a long sleeve cotton shirt. A pair of long thick socks should also be included and closed footwear should be worn.


Use the “Get Tickets” button below to purchase and book your place as spots in this course are strictly limited.

The course is over two days and it is very important to attend both as different topics and activities are covered each day.

Event TitlePrice
Beginners Course 27th April & 4th May 2024 over 2 consecutive Saturdays$395